Potable water supply

Potable water supply

Drinking water is our most important resource – it has a central meaning for the health and quality of life of human beings. Expectations regarding its availability, its freshness and its purity are accordingly high.
And it should be inexpensive.

Due to continuous regional dry periods – even in our Central European regions – it is becoming more and more evident that the availability of drinking water is limited. And also the required cleanliness of the water is unfortunately no longer the rule: increasingly it is contaminated. The location, preparation and distribution of clean drinking water is therefore becoming ever more complex.

The reasons for these complications vary from region to region:

– lack of local availability of water near the surface
– regional and wider-reaching impurities due to
> population influences
> unfavourable geological conditions
> hydraulically complicated requirements
> fastidious geographical profiles

Our services and competences

We consider our engineering tasks to be to support and consult water suppliers, federations, municipalities and responsible authorities, in order to procure for human beings sufficient potable water with acceptable quality levels.

–  drinking water treatment plants
–  reservoirs, wells and springs
–  water nets and line planning
–  line analyses
–  pumping stations
–  pressure regulation stations
–  physical, biological and chemical drinking water processing plants
–  drinking water disinfection plants
–  electrical, measuring and control plants

Our competences

–  sanitary facilities
–  swimming pool engineering
–  water treatment plants

Our planning services cover:

–  production of draft variants
–  design planning
–  computation and dimensioning of the plants
–  production of detailed drawings and asset descriptions
–  execution planning
–  production of the tender documents and attending the assignment procedures
–  constructional supervision of all trades specified above production of energy supply concepts