Our company was created in 1996 – today we are a national and internationally active service enterprise which focuses on two areas of engineering: potable water supply and building engineering.

As a creative engineer’s office we support our partners: We consult, design and manage projects until their realisation. Our solutions are energetically and economically optimised. We guarantee that our engineering achievements are always based on the most up-to-date knowledge and technology.

Potable water supply:

Building technology:

Drinking water is our most important resource – it has a central meaning for the health and quality of life of human beings.
Expectations regarding its availability, its freshness and its purity are accordingly high.
And it should be inexpensive.
The responsible behaviour of the people of the world today means using the energy resources of our earth carefully. At the same time technically equipping buildings is becoming increasingly complex.
Within the area of building engineering the questions of environmental compatibility and of economics are therefore both raised.